My decision to use Monsters as a platform to talk about sex, sexuality, and gender came from the euphemisms used to talk about sex without mentioning the act.

A "One Eyed Monster" is a euphemism for Penis, and I recognized that it's problematic use. But,I liked the tounge-in-cheek playfulness of it, and the image it conjured for me. I wanted to turn the phrase on its head and use it for something good. So, Harry Monster was born!

Wanda Woo-Woo came into existence around the same time as Harry. I pulled inspiration from a

Whoopi Goldberg standup routine about sexual freedom, where she talks about her "Who-Ha" and the word Mel Brooks uses in "High Anxiety" when talking about genitalia in front of children. I wanted to take the same kind of euphemistic language and keep my approach.

Admittedly, I haven't made many videos with Wanda. Being a cis-gender gay male, I didn't think MY voice and experience should direct what direction Wanda takes. I whole heartedly believe that the individuals that the Monster represents should be directed by those individuals, incorporating their experiences and in their voices.

Protect Your Monster isn't caught up in the binary, though! I am working towards partnering with other individuals to make other characters!


Not all Monsters look the same, and I want that represented with Protect Your Monster! Many of my guests have had conversations about being Trans, and expressing their desire to have a Monster that reflects them. I know it isn't my place to create those characters, though. I definitely plan on having lots of different people interacting with lots of different Monsters, created by people in those populations, and also voiced and written by people sharing their own perspectives.


As Protect Your Monster grows, I look forward to having these aspirations come to life!

If you'd like to see my Monster grow, and have New Monsters popping up, please consider making a donation!